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Clarifying Your Customer Hub Quotes Section

The Quotes section in your Crystal Galleries Customer Hub acts as a central hub for all your quote enquiries. It empowers you to track requests, compare options, and seamlessly navigate towards informed purchasing decisions. Let's explore the key information displayed in this section and unlock its potential for your business.

Identifying Your Inquiries

Quote Number: A unique identifier assigned to each quote request, facilitating easy reference and communication internally.

Quotation Date: Tracks the exact date the quote request was submitted, providing valuable timeline context.

Contact Name: Identifies the individual in your business who initiated the quote request.

Unveiling the Details

Name: Displays the specific product or service for which the quote was requested, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Operate: Identifies the Crystal Galleries representative who handled your enquiry, offering a personalised point of contact.

Required Date: Shows the desired delivery or completion date you specified in your initial quote request.

Tracking Progress and Finalisation

Sales Order Number: This field remains blank for initial quotes but will be populated with a unique sales order number once the quote is accepted and converted into an order.

Quote Value: Reflects the total estimated cost of the products or services outlined in the quote, allowing you to compare pricing and make informed budget decisions.

Status: Keeps you informed about the current stage of your quote request, such as "Pending," "Approved," or "Revised."

Benefits of a Centralised View

Effortless Tracking: Monitor the status of all your quotes in one convenient location, eliminating the need for scattered emails and follow-up calls.

Informed Decisions: Compare pricing, specifications, and delivery options across multiple quotes to choose the best solution for your needs.

Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly convert accepted quotes into orders with just a few clicks, minimising the time between inquiry and fulfilment.

Stay tuned for further blog posts where we'll delve deeper into specific features of the Quotes section. Take control of your Crystal Galleries experience and unlock the full potential of the Quotes section. Sign up for your Customer Hub today.


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