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Crystal Clear Ordering: Demystifying Your Customer Hub Orders Section

The Orders section of your Crystal Galleries Customer Hub is the centre for everything related to your purchases. It offers a comprehensive overview of your order history, providing valuable insights and allowing you to manage your business effectively. But with numerous data points presented, understanding what each piece of information means is crucial. Let's delve into the key details displayed in the Orders section

Essential Order Information

Date Ordered: Tracks the date the order was placed, crucial for timeline management and reference.

Sales Order Number: A unique identifier assigned to each order within our system, facilitating internal tracking and communication.

CRM Reference: Connects the order to your specific record within our CRM system, providing additional context.

Order Contact: Identifies the individual within your organisation who placed the order.

Customer Order Number: The reference number assigned by your company for the order, enabling seamless cross-referencing.

Order Status and Tracking

Hold Despatch: Indicates if the order is currently on hold, preventing its shipment until the hold is lifted.

Subject: Provides a brief description or note associated with the order, offering additional context.

Delivery Date: The estimated date your order is expected to be delivered, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Completed Date: Shows the date the order was fulfilled and completed.

Financial and Delivery Details

Order Total: Reflects the total cost of the order, including product prices and any shipping fees.

Status: Displays the current status of your order, such as "Confirmed," "Processing," "Shipped," or "Completed."Carrier: Identifies the shipping company responsible for delivering your order.

Consignment Order (if applicable): The unique tracking number assigned by the carrier, allowing you to track your order's progress in real-time.

Recipient: Provides the details of the individual or organisation receiving the order.

Beyond the Basics

The Orders section offers functionalities beyond simply viewing information. You can search and filter orders, via date range, order status, or product category to pinpoint specific orders efficiently. Track order progress in real-time & monitor the status of your orders as they move through the fulfilment process.

By understanding the data presented in the Orders section, you gain valuable insights into your purchasing history, track order progress effectively, and make informed decisions that optimise your business operations.


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