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Crystal Galleries Starting XI: The Defence

As we continue our celebration of the Euros with our best-selling products, it's time to take a closer look at the "defence" in our Starting XI lineup. These items stand strong and reliable, much like a solid backline in football, providing the foundation for any occasion. Let’s dive into the details of our defensive stars.

Goalkeeper: EUR24 Handshake Award

Standing as the last line of defence, our 11.5cm Optical Crystal Handshake Award represents a safe pair of hands. This award captures the essence of great partnerships or contracts in flawless optical crystal. With ample space for engraving, it’s perfect for commemorating significant events, ensuring it takes pride of place in any setting. Complete with its own presentation box, this award symbolises reliability and steadfastness, just like a top-notch goalkeeper.

Right Back: SY5085 Optical Crystal Rectangle Award

Our SY5085 Optical Crystal Rectangle Award is the versatile defender you need. Measuring 15cm x 20cm, this rectangular award can be used both horizontally and vertically, offering flexibility and strength. Available in four sizes, it's ideal for recognising various levels of achievement in academic, sporting, or corporate events. Its generous engraving area allows for customization with a crest, company logo, or message, making it a dependable choice for many occasions.

Left Back: 35ml Conical Shot Glass

Quick and agile, the 35ml Conical Shot Glass is a perfect giveaway gift. Its small size and personalized design options make it an excellent choice for drink-related product launches or as a memorable keepsake. This shot glass can be engraved with any crest, logo, or wording, ensuring it stands out whether at home or at work. Like a nimble left back, it’s a reliable and stylish addition to any collection.

Centre Back: STL30 Curved Pilsner Glass

Anchoring our defence is the exquisite 0.395ltr Curved Pilsner Glass. Designed to enhance beer enjoyment, its elongated and curved shape showcases the beer's golden hue while maintaining its crisp taste. With enough surface area for a meaningful message, emblem, or logo, this glass can be sandblast engraved for a personalised touch. Its combination of strength and elegance makes it a standout, much like a solid centre back.

Centre Back: High Ball Glasses

Partnering in defence, our High Ball Glasses are favoured for their practicality and style. Ideal for both offices and retail spaces, these glasses add sophistication to any setting. Their reliability and durability ensure they remain a favourite, much like a dependable centre back who anchors the team’s defence.

Stay tuned for our next article, where we'll highlight the creative and hardworking midfielders of our Starting XI. For more updates and exclusive offers, follow us.

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