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Crystal Galleries Starting XI: The Midfield

In this follow-up to our Euros celebration, we shift our focus to the "midfield" of our Starting XI line up. These items are the playmakers, providing creativity, support, and leadership to ensure every event or recognition moment is a success. Let’s explore the midfield maestros in our line up.

Central Defensive Midfielder: UK101 Large Plain Straight Sided Tankard

In the heart of the midfield, the UK101 0.67ltr Large Plain Straight Sided Tankard stands as the reliable captain of our team. Its simple yet elegant design offers plenty of room for engraving any crest, logo, or wording. This tankard is a favourite for display at home or work, symbolising reliability and leadership, much like a true captain on the field.

Central Midfielder: FC188 Optical Crystal Rectangle with Gold Star

Our star player in midfield, the FC188 27.5cm Optical Crystal Rectangle with a Gold Star, combines modern design with classic elegance. Available in three sizes, each with a different metal star (gold, silver, and bronze) for various levels of achievement, it’s perfect for recognizing exceptional accomplishments. This award can be personalised with any crest, logo, or wording, leading the team with creativity and flair.

Central Midfielder: RE03 Recycled Acrylic Rectangle Award

The new kid on the block, the RE03 12cm x 9cm Recycled Acrylic Rectangle Award, brings eco-friendliness and modern design to our line up. Made from 100% recycled materials, this award is a stunning and sustainable choice for recognising achievements. Its high-gloss finish and smooth edges add sophistication, making it perfect for those committed to sustainability. In its breakthrough season, it impresses with both performance and environmental responsibility.

Join us next time as we spotlight the "forwards" in our Starting XI, the items that lead the charge and make a lasting impression. For more updates and exclusive offers, follow us.

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