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IkonArt Inks and Pastes

Inks & Pastes: Beyond the Basics - Unleash Your Creative Alchemy

The world of screen printing isn't just about the design; it's about the magic of transforming it onto your chosen canvas. And what fuels this magic? Inks and Pastes! But with a kaleidoscope of options, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, intrepid creators. This post delves into the fascinating world of Ikonart's inks and pastes, exploring their unique properties and ideal applications to elevate your screen printing game.

Beyond the Basics: A Universe of Possibilities

While standard water-based inks offer vibrant colours and versatility, Ikonart unlocks a treasure trove of specialised options for you to experiment with.

Fabric Inks: These vibrant inks are specially formulated to bond permanently with fabrics, ensuring your t-shirts, tote bags, and apparel projects withstand washing and wear.

Puff Inks: Add a touch of dimension with these playful inks that create a raised, textured effect, perfect for logos, lettering, and playful designs.

Discharge Inks: Achieve a vintage, distressed look with these inks that chemically remove dye from dark fabrics, creating a unique, blended effect.

Metallic Inks: Make your designs shine with these shimmering inks that add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any project.

Fluorescent Inks: Glow under black light. These inks add an extra pop to orders, decorations, and creations.

Finding Your Perfect Match: A Guide to Substrates & Effects

Matching the right ink to your project is crucial. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

Fabrics: Opt for fabric inks specifically designed for their adhesion and washing durability.

T-shirts and Apparel: Water-based inks are popular choices, while plastisol inks offer extra durability for high-traffic garments.

Paper and Cardboard: Experiment with water-based or solvent-based inks depending on the desired finish and paper type.

Wood and Metal: Explore specialty inks formulated for adhesion and durability on non-porous surfaces.

Dimensional Effects: Puff inks are perfect for raised textures, while discharge inks create a vintage, blended look.

Metallic and Fluorescent Effects: Unleash your creativity with these specialised options for unique visual impact.

Pro Tip: Don't Forget the Pastes

Ikonart's pastes offer even more creative control.

Textile Medium: This versatile paste thickens fabric inks, creating bold textures and preventing ink bleed.

Clear Extender: Dilute your inks for transparency or layering effects without compromising their vibrancy.

Blockout Paste: Block unwanted areas of your stencil for intricate multi-colour designs.

Remember experimentation is key. Test different inks and pastes on scrap materials to discover their unique properties and find your perfect creative match.

Ready to Explore the Ink-redible Possibilities?

With Ikonart's diverse selection of inks and pastes, the creative possibilities are endless. Visit our website to browse the full range, explore project ideas, and unleash your inner alchemist! Share your favourite ink combinations and project creations in the comments below.

Bonus Inspiration

Explore our "Demo Videos" section for visual guides on using different inks and pastes.

Share your ink and paste experimentation journey on social media using #IkonartInkspiration


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