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Laser Engraving vs Sandblasting: Choosing The Right Technique

Personalising items through engraving adds a special touch. But when it comes to choosing the best method, there are factors to consider. At Crystal Galleries, we offer both laser engraving and sandblasting, allowing us to create beautiful results on a variety of materials. Let's explore the differences between these techniques to help you make the perfect choice for your project.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses a focused laser beam to etch designs into materials like wood, acrylic, and certain metals. It's a great option for its efficiency, lacking the need for additional consumables like blasting media. The process is often computer-guided, reducing manual labour requirements. However, when working with glass and crystal, laser engraving might not achieve the crispness of other methods and is limited in the depth it can create. The etching may also appear uneven in some areas, and small glass shards could be left on the surface.


Sandblasting involves propelling fine abrasive particles with high-pressure air to etch designs into surfaces, particularly excelling with glass and crystal. This technique delivers the sharpest and most precise engravings possible, along with the ability to achieve a variety of depths. The final etched surface is beautifully smooth and even. Sandblasting also opens the door to unique effects like frosted glass, multi-stage carving, and colour filling. Each sandblasted piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, reflecting the skilled craftsmanship involved. While it does require artwork preparation and a more hands-on approach, the results are often unparalleled.

Where Laser Engraving and Sandblasting Meet: Orange Laser Blast Film

Introducing Orange Laser Blast Film, a sandblastable mask created for use with your laser engraver. Designed specifically for high-end corporate, promotional, and giftware industries, this film offers amazing durability, excellent resolution, conforms without distortion, leaves no excess residue, offers higher contrast on substrates, removes easily for colour filling, and is an environmentally-friendly choice containing no PVC.


  • Amazing durability

  • Conformability without distortion

  • No excess residue

  • Excellent resolution

  • Higher contrast on substrates

  • With easy removal, colour filling is a snap

  • No PVC

If you are looking to combine the convenience of your laser engraver with the quality of sandblasting, our Blazer Orange Blastable Laser Mask may be the answer. Create a stencil on your laser engraver, then finish the piece in your blast cabinet. Whether you just want cleaner edges or you want to incorporate advanced techniques such as stage carving, our laser masks can help you achieve the high quality you desire.

Ask for free sample today and experience the best of both worlds.


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