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Master the Art of Stencilling: Unleash Your Creativity with GES Mask Making Kits

Transform your glass engraving projects from ordinary to extraordinary with the magic of our engraving stencils and masks. At Glass Engraving Supplies (GES), we unlock a world of creative possibilities with our diverse range of mask making kits, empowering you to personalise and customise your glass masterpieces.

Unveiling the Range of our Stencils:

Stencils and masks act as barriers, blocking areas of the glass from the abrasive media or engraving tool, allowing you to create crisp, defined designs. GES offers various mask making kits tailored to different skill levels and preferences:

●     Mask Making Kit No Washout - starter kit for anyone who wants to create photo-resist sandblasting masks with our most popular non washout film RapidMASK

●     Mask Making Kit Washout - starter kit for anyone who wants to create photo-resist sandblasting masks using washout film R3

●     Mask Making Kit Complete - starter kit for anyone who wants to create photo-resist sandblasting masks for wide variety of use (non washout and washout films)

Unlocking Stencilling Potential:

The applications of sandblasting masks in glass engraving are endless. Use stencils to:

●     Add personalised messages, names or dates to glassware.

●     Create intricate geometric patterns on vases or bowls.

●     Etch playful silhouettes on drinking glasses.

●     Engrave detailed landscapes or nature scenes on decorative panels.

●     Personalise awards, trophies or gifts with unique designs.

Mastering the Art of Stencilling:

GES provides comprehensive resources to guide you through the stencilling process:

●     Step-by-step video tutorials: Learn how to use different mask making kits and apply them effectively.

●     Detailed blog posts: Gain insights into design selection, stencil placement and engraving techniques.

●     Personalised 1:1 in person trainings and workshops for all levels


Embrace the Versatility of Stencilling:

Beyond glass engraving, GES mask making kits offer endless possibilities in:

●     Bottle industry

●     Architectural industry

●     Ceramic, stone and wood decoration

Ready to Start Stencilling?

Visit GES today and discover the perfect mask making kit to ignite your creativity! With our diverse selection, expert resources and inspiring project ideas, you'll be mastering the art of stencilling and transforming your glass engraving projects into stunning works of art in no time.

Additional Resources:

Don't let your imagination be confined. Unleash the power of stencils and unleash your creativity with GES.


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