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Meet the Starting XI: Crystal Galleries' Best Sellers for the Euros

As the excitement of the Euros grabs fans across the continent, we at Crystal Galleries are thrilled to join in the festivities with our very own Starting XI. Just as every great football team has its star players, we have a line up of best-selling products that shine in their own right. Each item in our team has been chosen for its exceptional quality, design, and popularity among our customers.

Let’s introduce you to our starting eleven, the champions of Crystal Galleries.

(GK) EUR24 - Handshake Award

Standing strong at the back, our EUR24 is the perfect representation of a safe pair of hands. This unique and meaningful memento captures the essence of great partnerships or contracts in flawless optical crystal. With space on the plinth to engrave the date and event details, it’s a piece that will take pride of place in any cabinet, boardroom, or desk. Complete with its own presentation box, this award symbolises reliability and steadfastness, much like a top-notch goalkeeper.

(RB) SY5085 - Optical Crystal Rectangle Award

Our SY5085 is the versatile defender you need. Measuring 15cm x 20cm, this substantial rectangular award can be used both horizontally and vertically. Available in four sizes, this award is perfect for recognizing multiple levels of achievement in academic, sporting, or corporate events. Its generous engraving area is ideal for adding a crest, company logo, or message, and it comes in its own foam-lined presentation box. Like a dependable right back, it offers flexibility and strength, making it suitable for various occasions.

(LB) JL28 - 35ml Conical Shot Glass

Defending the left side with agility and style, our JL28 is a great little giveaway gift. It can be combined with a drink-related product launch or used as a small reminder of a special occasion. This shot glass can be personalised with any crest, logo, or wording, making it a perfect display piece at home or work. Its small and nippy nature makes it a reliable choice, much like a left back who is quick on their feet.

(CB) FC168 - Clear & White Optical Crystal Square Column Award

Anchoring our defence is the FC168. This award boasts a unique style with its mixture of clear and white optical crystal glass, offering perfect clarity. It can be customised through various decorative techniques such as sandblast engraving, colour printing, or 2D and 3D subsurface engraving, ensuring the exact level of personalization desired. Available in three sizes (24cm, 26cm, and 28cm), it’s ideal for recognising 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at sporting or awards events. Alternatively, choose your preferred size for a memorable corporate or family occasion. This award comes complete in its own beautiful presentation box, embodying the strength and stability of a solid centre back.

(CB) STL30 - Curved Pilsner Glass

Partnering in defence, is the exquisite STL30. Designed to enhance beer enjoyment, its elongated and curved shape showcases the beer's beautiful golden hue, while the slender profile retains its crisp, refreshing taste. With enough surface area to accommodate a meaningful message, emblem, or logo, this glass can be sandblast engraved for a personalized touch. Like a solid centre back, it stands strong and reliable, ensuring an enjoyable experience every time.

(CDM) UK101 - Large Plain Straight Sided Tankard (C)

In the heart of the midfield, the UK101 stands as the reliable captain of our team. Simple yet elegant in design, this tankard offers plenty of room for engraving any crest, logo, or wording. Its substantial size and classic design make it a favourite for displaying at home or work, symbolizing reliability and leadership, much like a true captain on the field.

(CM) FC188 - Optical Crystal Rectangle with Gold Star

Our star player in midfield, the FC188 combines modern design with classic elegance. This award is available in three sizes, each featuring a different metal star (gold, silver, and bronze) for various levels of achievement. Perfect for recognising exceptional accomplishments, it can be personalised with any crest, logo, or wording. Like a dynamic midfielder, it leads the team with creativity and flair.

(CM) RE03 - Recycled Acrylic Rectangle Award

The new kid on the block, the RE03 brings eco-friendliness and modern design to our line up. Made from 100% recycled materials, this award is a stunning and sustainable choice for recognising achievements. Its high-gloss finish and smooth edges add a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for those committed to sustainability. In their breakthrough season, it impresses with both performance and environmental responsibility.

(RW) JL27 - Dimple Base Whisky Tumbler

Speeding down the right wing, the JL27 is modern in design and perfect for everyday use at home or in the office. This glass can be personalised with any crest, logo, or wording, and options include single or double satin-lined presentation boxes. Its dependable and pacey nature makes it a standout performer, much like a reliable winger.

(LW) SY3006 - Optical Crystal Eco Excellence Award

On the left wing, the skilful SY3006 adds a flourish of elegance. Combining a clear optical crystal rectangle with an emerald green crystal leaf, this award is perfect for recognising contributions towards eco-efficiency. Available in three sizes, it can be personalised with any crest, logo, or wording, making it a fancy choice with a trick up its sleeve.

(CF) SY2027 Sapphire Blue Optical Crystal Hexagon Award

Leading the attack as the big target man up front, the SY2027 is a stunning piece. Handcrafted from optical crystal, this award features a sloped face for personalization with any crest, logo, or wording. Ideal for recognition, achievement, or incentive gifts, it comes in a black foam-lined presentation box, making it a prized possession for any recipient.

As the Euros unfold, celebrate the spirit of competition and excellence with Crystal Galleries’ Starting XI. Each of our best-selling products has earned its place in our line up through quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Just like a championship team, they work together to deliver outstanding results for every occasion.

Stay tuned for more exciting content and exclusive offers throughout the Euros. Follow us for the latest updates and join us in celebrating excellence, one award at a time.

Thank you for being part of the Crystal Galleries family. Let’s cheer on our favourites and enjoy the game with the best in glass and crystal craftsmanship.


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