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Order Smarter, Not Harder: Unveiling the Benefits of Our New Online Customer Hub

In case you missed our recent announcement about our brand new Customer Hub, our online portal is designed to revolutionise the way you work with Crystal Galleries.

Sales Forecasting: View all of your previous orders by month, including proofs, to be able to identify and target annual customers for repeat orders.

Financial Peace of Mind: View all previous orders all in one place to make matching up sales orders as smooth as possible for your finance team. 

Unrivalled Personalisation: Get recommendations based on your needs, track orders with ease, and access features tailored to your business.

Quote Central: Keep track of all your quotes in one place which also links through to the relevant order if it has been converted to a sales order. 

Seamless Order Management: Manage open & closed order orders, track live order progress, view tracking information with PODs & submit orders (coming soon)  – all in one intuitive platform.

Exclusive Early Access: Start using the portal before anyone else.

We'll be rolling the Customer Hub out over the next month. If you would like to get your name down as one of the first users please click on the link above and start exploring the benefits of the Customer Hub

Priority Customer Support: Enjoy dedicated assistance and personalised guidance.

Take a look at one of the most exciting Customer Hub features. As part of the Customer Hub you can see an overview of all your orders and where they are in the system with required by dates and all order information.

Hear What Others Are Saying: "The new Customer Hub makes it so easy to track all of our orders and see the status of our jobs in the system" - West Midlands customer

Limited spots available.

Sign up now.

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