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Our most FAQ's are here just for you

Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into your most pressing questions. We know that when it comes to ordering engraved glassware, details matter. That's why we've compiled our frequently asked questions here – to make your experience seamless and informed. Whether you're curious about our ordering process, delivery times, or the specifics of our engraving techniques, we've got you covered.

What artwork do you require to engrave a logo or crest?

Ideally the artwork should be supplied as a CDR, EPS, TIFF or PDF file. If the artwork is not suitable to use for the engraving we will advise you that a re-draw is required and a quotation of what the re-draw cost will be.

What is the standard leadtime for plain glass orders?

If an orders is received before 12 noon plain glass orders are normally despatched the same day. If an order can not be despatched on the same day it was received it will be despatched the following day.

What is the standard leadtime for engraved orders?

This varies depending on the time of the year but generally our turnaround is 7 to 10 days from receipt of order and artwork. We can process orders in under 3 days but they do incur an express charge, the costs for express orders are:-


Next working day – 20% of the nett order value

2 working days – 15% of the nett order value

3 working days – 10% of the nett order value


Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity and will be happy to supply one item if that is all you require.


We would like to order some products, how can we purchase them from you?

As a trade supplier we have distributors throughout the whole of the UK. Please contact us directly and we will give you the contact details of a distributor in your area.

What is the problem when abrasive is "spitting" from my engraving gun rather than coming out in a constant flow?

There are several possible causes:

The amount of engraving medium in the machine may be too little or too much. The ideal level is when flattened out, the medium should be about level with the nut that holds the pick up pipe into place. (the pick up pipe is located down the right hand side inside of the hopper). There may be a hole, or holes somewhere in the pipework between the engraving gun and the pick up pipe, or even in the pick up pipe itself. The pick up pipe may be in the wrong position. Loosen the nut which holds the pipe into place, then adjust it up or down until the flow improves. Also, the pick up pipe is cut off at an angle at the bottom. The angle should face into the centre of the hopper.

There is a thin plastic pipe which feeds into the bottom of the hopper. This agitates the abrasive in the bottom of the hopper to allow the abrasive to flow freely into the pickup pipe. The valve outside the machine on the right hand (when viewed from the front) controls the airflow to the thin plastic pipe. Ensure this valve is turned on to allow this agitation to take place.Make sure the abrasive in the cabinet is not damp as this will guarantee spitting.

What regular maintenance do I need to perform on my Trophy Master Engraving Machine?

If you use the machine regularly the following routine should be carried out daily:

Firstly, switch the machine off at the front. Place a bucket under the rear hopper and open the hopper hatch. The abrasive that falls into the bucket can be put straight back into the machine via the front window. Then place the bucket back under the rear hopper and pull the black knob located on the left hand side of the machine ( when viewed from the rear) in and out vigorously several times. This will dislodge any waste abrasive from the dust bag which will then fall into the bucket. This needs to be disposed of as it is waste. Close the rear hopper hatch. Remember, you will need to top up the abrasive in the machine with new abrasive, to replace what has been disposed of. You will need to replace the abrasive fully after approx. 1000 engravings as by then the abrasive will become blunt. If the abrasive is a grey colour it is a good indication that it needs changing. The dust bag will require changing after 100 hours or six months.

There are two wearable parts on the engraving gun itself, one being the nozzle (T75) and the other being the Air Jet (T85). These will need replacing every six months depending on use. A good indication of worn gun parts is if the abrasive comes out of the end of the gun in a scattered manner rather than in a tight straight stream. The cabinet gloves will wear eventually, and can be replaced. All of the cabinet consumables can be obtained from Crystal Galleries via the Sales Office.

What is the difference between the standard Engraving Cabinet and the Flat Glass Engraving Cabinet?

The Flat Glass Cabinet has a 6.5cm flap towards the back of the machine which lifts up to allow you to insert larger flat pieces of glass up to a size of 59" high by 44" wide.

Where can I get information about film application?

If you go to the Support tab on the website and select Downloads, this will present you with a number of PDF files which when opened gives detailed information about how to use the film and how to create stencils.

What film can I use if I want to colour infill my engraving?

APM Plus would be the suggested solution as it allows deeper engraving. The ideal infill product is "Rub n Buff" which can be purchased from Crystal Galleries in several colours, silver, gold, black and red.

What is the best film to use if I need to engrave deeply?

APM Plus is recommended, however we have also had good results with APM R3 which can be repositioned on the glass. Also, there is a thicker version of Rapidmask (PS16) which is ideal.

How long do I need to expose Rapidmask film for?

If we have supplied the exposure unit we can supply you with an accurate exposure time, otherwise you will have to perform a step test. Start with with an exposure time of a minute, examine the resulting film, if it is brittle then the film has been overexposed, if the image on the film is faint then it is under exposed. Increase or decrease the exposure time accordingly in ten second increments. Slightly under exposed is preferable to over exposed.

We hope this blog has answered some of your questions and made your ordering process smoother. If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us or visit the FAQ section on our website. We're here to help you create beautiful, personalized glassware that makes every occasion special


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