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Sport Awards at Crystal Galleries

At Crystal Galleries, May is dedicated to celebrating achievements and recognising excellence. As part of our Month of Awards, we are thrilled to highlight our stunning range of sports awards. Whether you are looking to honour a victorious team, a star player, or a dedicated coach, our sports awards collection offers a variety of elegant and personalised options to commemorate every accomplishment.

Our sports awards are designed to capture the spirit of competition and achievement. Each award is made from high-quality glass, offering a timeless way to celebrate success. Here are some highlights from our collection

Crystal Football Awards

Perfect for recognising top performers in football, our crystal football awards feature intricate designs and can be customised with engraved names, dates, and achievements.

Crystal Golf Awards

Celebrate a hole-in-one or a tournament victory with our beautifully crafted crystal golf awards. These awards come in various designs, including golf balls and golf clubs.

Crystal Tennis Awards

Our crystal tennis awards are ideal for honouring excellence on the court. Choose from designs that include tennis rackets, balls, and players in action poses.

Multi-Sport Awards

For those looking to recognise achievements in multiple sports, our range of multi-sport awards offers versatile options. These awards can be customised with sport-specific engravings, making them perfect for school or club events.

Why Choose Crystal Galleries Sports Awards?

Quality and Craftsmanship

Our awards are made from the finest materials, ensuring they are not only beautiful but also durable.


Personalise your awards with custom engravings to make each piece unique and meaningful.


With a wide range of designs and sizes, you can find the perfect award for any sport or achievement.

Timeless Elegance

Our glass awards add a touch of elegance to any awards ceremony, making the recognition moment truly memorable.

Order Your Custom Sports Awards Today

Celebrate your athletes' hard work and dedication with our exquisite sports awards. Visit our website to explore the full range and place your order today. Make this May a month of celebration and recognition with Crystal Galleries.

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Stay updated with our latest collections and special offers by following us on social media. Share your awards ceremony moments with us using the hashtag #CrystalGalleriesAwards. We can't wait to see how you celebrate success.


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