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Spotlight on Elegance: Discover Our Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards

At Crystal Galleries, we understand that recognition and awards are an integral part of celebrating achievements. That's why we're excited to shine a spotlight on our Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards. Known for their versatility and excellent value, these awards are perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of elegance and appreciation.

Our Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards stand out due to their adaptable design. Whether you are recognising corporate achievements, academic success, or sports victories, these awards make an impressive statement. Their sleek and flat designs not only look modern and sophisticated but also serves as the perfect canvas for personalised engravings and messages.

  • Jade Glass Awards: The subtle green tint of our jade glass awards adds a unique flair that sets them apart from traditional clear glass. This hint of colour makes it a popular choice for environmental causes, corporate milestones, and personal achievements.

  • Clear Glass Awards: For those who prefer a crisp, clean look, our clear glass awards offer timeless elegance. The transparent glass is ideal for acknowledging leadership and clear vision in business and community endeavours.

Investing in quality shouldn't come at an excessive cost. Our Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards provide exceptional value, combining premium materials and craftsmanship with affordability. This makes them an accessible option for organisations of all sizes—from small businesses to large corporations—ensuring that no achievement goes unrecognised.

Each award is designed to be a personal token of appreciation. We offer customised engraving options that allow you to engrave logos, names, dates, or special messages directly onto the glass. This level of personalisation enhances the value of the award, making it a cherished item that recipients will value and remember.

Our flat mounted awards are not only versatile in design but also in use. They are suitable for:

  • Corporate Events: Acknowledge employees' hard work, celebrate milestones, or retiring staff.

  • Educational Achievements: Perfect for graduation ceremonies, academic awards, or as gifts for educators.

  • Sports Trophies: Celebrate team victories or individual achievements in various sports.

  • Personal Occasions: Ideal for anniversaries, community service recognition, or any special personal milestone.

Our Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards are more than just trophies; they are a means to celebrate significant moments. At Crystal Galleries, we are committed to providing you with awards that are not only beautiful and durable but also meaningful. Explore our range today to find the perfect way to acknowledge and celebrate excellence.

Visit our website to view our extensive collection of Jade and Clear Flat Mounted Awards and customise your own to make your next celebration truly memorable.


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