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Sub Surface Engraving

Introduction to Subsurface Engraving

This month, we're looking at the decoration method we use to achieve our subsurface engraving effect in a bid to help you understand its versatility and unique charm. 

What is Subsurface Laser Engraving?

Unlike our traditional sand blast surface engraving, subsurface laser engraving doesn't remove any material. Instead, it uses a focused laser beam at a very strong local temperature gradient to treat the specific point in the glass with thermal stress to create tiny fractures within the glass at precise points. These fractures, like miniature bubbles, reflect light differently, revealing the desired image when viewed from outside. This creates the illusion of a suspended design, floating within the glass.

2D vs. 3D  Subsurface Engraving

One of the distinctive aspects of subsurface engraved glass is the versatility  it offers in creating both 2D and 3D images. For logos and text, we use 2-dimensional engraving, ensuring clarity and precision. However, when it comes to bringing three-dimensional images to life, our technology allows for a depth and realism to capture the subject from all angles. These 3D images appear to float magically within the glass, creating a stunning visual effect that is visible from all sides of the award. 

UV Options

Teamed with our full colour UV printer, our subsurface laser engraver can create some stunning awards. The intricate combination of subsurface engraving and colour printing, showcased on either the front or back of the award, adds an extra dimension that elevates the final piece, which is sure to impress your customers. 

Ready to Explore?

If you're intrigued by the possibilities of subsurface laser engraving and want to find out more, our customer service team are happy to answer your questions and discuss your design ideas to help you create an award that truly stands out. 


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