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Taking Subsurface Engraving to the Next Level: Applications and Ideas

In a previous article, we introduced you to our subsurface laser engraving. Now, let's dive deeper into how this versatile technique can transform your glass awards.


Where Subsurface Engraving Shines

●     Complex Designs: Intricate logos, detailed artwork, or even photorealistic portraits – if you can imagine it, subsurface engraving can likely bring it to life within glass. The 3D capabilities truly excel with complex subject matter.


●     Durability: Because the engraving is within the glass itself, it's incredibly resistant to wear and tear. Your design will retain its beauty for years to come.


●     Show stopping Visuals: The combination of subsurface engraving and full-colour UV printing opens a world of possibilities. Think vibrant logos set against a backdrop of etched detail, or a 3D image that seemingly interacts with printed colour elements.


Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

●     Personalised Gifts: Capture a special moment with a 3D portrait etched into glass, or add a heartfelt message in elegant 2D engraving.


●     Corporate Awards: Elevate recognition awards with a company logo in 3D, or combine subsurface engraving with UV printing for a vibrant and multifaceted effect.


●     Commemorative Pieces: Celebrate milestones or historical events with intricately etched scenes, adding text or dates for context.


●     Unique Home Décor: From personalised paperweights and desk ornaments to decorative art pieces, subsurface engraving adds a touch of sophistication.


Subsurface laser engraving isn't just a decoration method – it's a way to create truly one-of-a-kind works of art. Its versatility, durability and appeal make it an ideal choice for those seeking something truly special.


Are you ready to see your ideas come to life? Contact our team today to start designing a piece that will leave a lasting impression.



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