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The Magic of Rub'n Buff: Your Secret Weapon for Your Engraving

Are you ready to breathe new life into old treasures or add a touch of metallic magic to your glass decorating? Look no further than Rub'n Buff, the surprisingly versatile metallic finish that could become your new favourite.

What is Rub'n Buff?

Rub'n Buff is a unique blend of carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and pigments. It transforms into a lustrous metallic finish that you won't find in standard paints. Rub'n Buff comes in convenient little tubes, making it easy to use and less wasteful than big paint cans.

Getting Started with Rub'n Buff

Rub'n Buff is beginner-friendly and fun for all ages. Here's what you need:

  • Your chosen Rub'n Buff colour(s)

  • Surfaces to transform

  • Soft cloths or your fingers for application

  • Gloves (optional, to keep your hands clean)

Why You'll Love Rub'n Buff

  • Effortless Application: Ditch those complex painting techniques, with Rub'n Buff, simply apply it with your finger or a soft cloth and buff it to a gorgeous shine.

  • Versatility: Rub'n Buff works its magic on various surfaces. So go ahead and experiment.

  • Gorgeous Finish: Get a beautiful, authentic-looking metallic sheen that makes your engraving projects stand out.

  • A Little Goes A Long Way: The little tubes pack a powerful punch, meaning your Rub'n Buff will last through many projects.

Rub 'n Buff Project Ideas

  • Plaque Infilling: Highlight lettering and details on plaques and signs with a contrasting metallic pop.

  • Glass Infilling: Embellish etched designs on glassware, mirrors, or decorative glass pieces with a touch of metallic shimmer.

Let Your Creativity Shine

The possibilities are truly endless with Rub'n Buff, to view our range and find out more click HERE

Share your Rub'n Buff transformations with us in the comments.


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