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In our pursuit of a sustainable future, we are proud to highlight our eco-conscious practices aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. From the utilisation of recycled cardboard and packing materials to the recycling of all excess glass components, our commitment to environmental preservation is unwavering.

However, our dedication extends beyond internal operations. Through our innovative tree planting initiative in partnership with Ecologi, we are actively contributing to reforestation and an environmentally healthier planet.

#ZeroWasteWeek is an award-winning, grassroots annual awareness campaign that takes place online & on-the-ground


Cardboard for Life

As part of our ongoing commitment to minimise our carbon footprint, we have established a comprehensive waste management strategy. In collaboration with a local company, all of our waste cardboard and excess glass materials are recycled. This eco-conscious partnership ensures that every piece of waste generated by our operations is repurposed and given a new lease of life.


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